» Juniors

There are many opportunities for junior players to get involved in the game of tennis, whether it's for recreation or competitive play.

10 & Under Tennis

10 and Under Tennis is designed to learn to play tennis quickly using smaller courts and foam/felt balls. Tailoring equipment and courts so they are "right-sized" for those 10 and under makes the game more accessible—and more fun—by allowing kids to get involved right from the start.   

Jr. Team Tennis

USTA Jr. Team Tennis brings kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams.  USTA Jr. Team Tennis is designed for children ages 5-18.

Collegiate Tennis

Are you or your child interested in playing college tennis? Whether you wish to play varsity or recreational tennis in college the "USTA Guide to Tennis on College Campuses" is designed to give high school students and their parents the tool they need to make the challenging choice of the correct college. To download this document click here.