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May 15, 2007 10:14 PM

NEMTA Junior Davis and Wightman Cup Selection

Selection to be a member of the Junior Davis Cup (boys) or Junior Wightman Cup (girls) team representing the NEMTA district is an honor reserved for highly competitive juniors also demonstrating the highest standards of sportsmanship and cooperation. The tournament promotes the format of dual match play and will be held the weekend of June 15 – 17. Singles and doubles competition is incorporated, as well as a rare opportunity for “team” tennis as each team will be competing against other Midwest districts. A “team” match consists of pro-set doubles matches in addition to singles matches. The participation fee for each player is subsidized by district funds to some extent. Alternates may be named in the event that one of the selected players is unable to participate.

For further information regarding consideration for the Davis/Wightman Cup teams refer to “Davis-Wightman Selection Criteria” and “2007 NEMTA Endorsement Guideline” documents located under the “Rules/Officials” tab.

If you wish to be considered for the 2007 Davis/Wightman Cup selection, please e-mail the following information below to David Foster (dfoster@genesys.org) no later than June 1st.

Junior Davis or Junior Wightman Cup

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