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Change in NEMTA Midwest Closed/Qualifier Slots

May 23, 2007 01:56 PM

Change in NEMTA Midwest Closed/Qualifier Slots

The number of qualifier slots allotted for the NEMTA district has been set at two per age bracket and gender this year for the upcoming Midwest Closed event in June. It is important to note that allocations are based on the apportionment that the district's junior membership bears to the total USTA/Midwest Section Junior memberships in the USTA as of October 31 of the preceding year. 2006 saw the NEMTA district decrease in it’s overall junior memberships 4.78 % while the overall Midwest population rose 5.24 %. Of interest, a district is allotted no more than 16 places in a draw of 128 for the Midwest Closed Outdoor Championships.  In addition, each district shall be entitled to a minimum of two places. For more information on how these slots will be filled please refer to our “2007 NEMTA Endorsement Guideline” under our “Rules/Officials” tab.