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2009 NEMTA Officials Certification Training Sessions

January 15, 2009 12:48 AM

For those NEMTA officials who would like to continue officiating, or for those interested in becoming an official for the first time, the first 2009 training session date has been set. USTA and ITA schools will be conducted on Sunday, March 8th, starting at 12:00 at the Midland Community Tennis Center. You need to take all appropriate tests BEFORE you come to this class. These tests can be found online at the USTA Officials site under the “Leagues and Tournaments” tab. For current officials, the FAC's are in the mail and you should be getting them soon!

Eye examinations will be required for this year. You will need to verify that you have 20/20 vision (corrected or uncorrected).

Please contact Sally or Mark Paulus, NEMTA Chief of Officials, at salpaulus@yahoo.com to let us know if you plan on attending or if you experience any problems getting the necessary materials.