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Rules and Regulations


Friend at Court An up-to-date collection of USTA regulations. Part 1 (pages 1-42): "Rules of Tennis" are the official rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), of which the USTA is a member. Part 2 (page 45): "The Code" serves as a player's guide for unofficiated matches or when an official is not immediately available. It is a summary of procedures and unwritten rules that all players should follow. The principles set forth in "The Code" apply in all cases not specifically covered in the "Rules of Tennis".
NEMTA Points Per Round Describes the Points Per Round (PPR) Ranking System as adopted by the NEMTA District Junior Competition Committee.
NEMTA Endorsement Guideline The USTA/Midwest Secction has established district boundaries as defined in the Section's Bylaws. Players may seek endorsement only from the district in which they are domiciled. This document outlines the factors that determine domicile and the process to request a reconsideration of domicile.
NEMTA Code of Conduct Report Point penalties will be imposed against any player for unsportsmanlike conduct during any NEMTA tournament. A detailed description of the penalties as well as the submission form can be found here.